Mike Krieg

My Story

I’ve always considered myself to be on a mission, at least since the time I came to know Christ. Even though I was young at the time, I made an effort to reach out to others so that they can come to the same salvation I had received. At first, my presentation of the gospel was less than perfect. As a middle school student, I had barely understood the faith that I was professing—but it was real nonetheless.

Over time, I learned more in my knowledge of God, the bible, and how to share Him effectively with others. Meanwhile, I was maturing; putting past the numerous sins I had amassed in my life. It’s obvious that I’m still not perfect, but the Lord’s grace has led me to become a new man. He gave me mentors who personally discipled me. Because of that, I was able to advance in my walk with Him.

From the beginning, I have been involved in some kind of ministry to serve God in ways He created me to do. Almost a decade later, He’s raised me to do more in ministry then I ever could have anticipated. Sometimes it’s through teaching and leading at groups throughout the week. At other times, what God has me do is to just be a friend to somebody, and act when He opens the door.

Currently, I’m on the path to serve God in Adelaide, Australia, where the need for workers is very real. In a lot of ways, I’ll continue to act in ministries that I have been a part of for many years. However, being able to serve full time will allow me to be even more helpful to the Lord’s kingdom. I want to be an encouragement to the people in Adelaide, and spur them on to God’s calling for them. To me, mentoring has been a massive essential for growth in the Christian walk. Just as I have been mentored, and have been mentoring here in New Jersey, I plan on continuing that work, along with other kinds of service, in a place I believe God is calling me for such a time as this.

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