Christina Mayer

My Story

I came to know and understand the gift of God's salvation at the young age of seven. My parents did not have too much influence on my decision, as I was attending church on my own when I decided to become a Christ follower.

God really opened my eyes for missions at a rather young age also, but I did not realize that He planned for me to be a part of it. It has been a long journey, and during that time I worked hard to get a Bachelor's degree in Intercultural studies.

While doing my schooling at Heritage Bible College in Ontario, He introduced me to the Czech Republic where I did a short term in 2010. After that God was harvesting a deeper love for these people and a desire to return to them. That journey to return has begun.

Ministry Focus:

Currently in language study. This will be about two years, but as my language develops so will ministry.

The People:

In 2010, I was in the Czech Republic on a short term journey and in that time a love grew for the Czech people. That love never faded, in fact I truly believe that God continued to allow that love to grow and I am thrilled to be here to serve these people again.

Primary Prayer Request:

Please pray that I will gain great strides in my language trading and build relationships along the way.

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