Maria Pardo

My Story

At a young age, I committed my life to Christ and was passionate about the Word, and the mission of God to reach the world with His love.

Servy, my husband, and I met through our church, Calvary Albuquerque; we worked together in the bookstore and through that we were able to develop a close friendship and realized how similar our interests, callings, perspectives, and hopes for the future were. We began dating in 2003; and were married in January 2004. In the summer of 2005 we had our first son, then our second and third sons born in 2006 and 2008.

In 2009 we followed God’s call to move to Mongolia as missionaries (sent by Calvary Albuquerque). While there, we gained an intermediate level of the Mongolian language and became familiar with the culture. After 19 months, we had to return to the US unexpectedly, due to medical reasons. Though many memories were built there for us, we were not able to see the fruition of our goals come to pass. We wondered why the Lord had us move to Mongolia, only to have to return suddenly a short time later.

We continued our involvement in ministry at Calvary Albuquerque again, with Servy on the Pastoral staff and myself serving in the women’s ministry. While gladly serving at the church, we began to feel God’s “holy nudge” to go back out to the field. During the time at Calvary we became acquainted with TEAM. We pursued the opportunity to be missionaries with TEAM in 2015.


Husband: Servy Pardo; Children: Shemuel, Judah, and Moises

Ministry Focus:

We are going with a heart for the nations to work among the Mongolian minority in Prague. We will be refreshing our Mongolian language and using friendship evangelism to build bridges, and strengthen the ties which already exist between the Mongolian Fellowship and the Skalka Church.

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