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Jenn Hylton

My Story

I am often described as a connector. I studied at university in Memphis, Tennessee and studied abroad in Lille, France. Scientific studies led to a career in clinical research for pediatric cancer, work I have loved. I am passionate about helping people connect to God and to others. I will be helping French believers establish healthy churches so that all will have access to God's Word and a community of believers. I will serve through hospitality, teaching, counseling, service project leadership and discipleship. I'm passionate about friends, family and the Word. I'm passionate about everyone on earth gaining access to Jesus' saving grace and the freedom He gives.

Ministry Focus:

I am passionate about equipping believers to connect with the Word, to be truly free and to identify and use their unique strengths and gifts to grow God's kingdom and reach others with His love.

The People:

The country of France is a spiritually poor place, in stark contrast with it's timeless beauty as a country. Millions of people have never held a Bible, or heard the gospel message of Jesus. This country thrives with culture, history, passion, art, industry, beauty in it's land and it's people, but needs access to God's Word for hope, healing and freedom from spiritual poverty. I am anxious to get to this place to help bring love and light where there is a real need, to see lives changed because of Jesus.

Primary Prayer Request:

Please pray for the remaining partnerships needed to depart for the ministry area

Please pray for language school upon arrival

Please pray for opportunities to share the gospel in word and deed consistently both in preparation for and after arrival in France

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