Seth O'Day

My Story

I have been interested in teaching as a profession since college. But it was not until much later that I chose to teach high school and got my certification in chemistry and physics. Around the same time that I decided to teach high school, my wife and I began discussing the possibility of teaching overseas at a missionary school. My sister had taught at a missionary school in Vienna, and I felt like God might be calling Laura and I to do something similar. In 2010, everything came together for us to begin serving at Faith Academy: God provided us with generous and faithful ministry partners, and we finished up all of our pre-field training in time for the beginning of the 2010-2011 school year.

In the past two years of teaching at Faith Academy, I felt a strong pull to continue serving as a teacher at Faith Academy long-term, which is why Laura and I are currently on furlough, increasing our financial partnership team, deepening friendships, seeing family, and preparing ourselves for long-term service. It has been the adventure of a lifetime, and it is only just beginning.

Ministry Focus:

By teaching at Faith Academy, we support missionary families by providing an excellent education to their children, at an affordable cost; we also minister to the spiritual and emotional needs of students themselves.

The People:

Children of missionaries and other third-culture kids

Primary Prayer Request:

That we will develop deep, long-lasting relationships with our ministry partners in the USA during this time of furlough.

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