Bethany DuVal

My Story

As a high school senior, I asked God, “If You won’t call me to missions, will You use me to enable the people You do call?” So far, my career as a writer has been a continual answer to that prayer.

Every day, I gather stories from the field, listening as missionaries share their greatest successes and their hardest trials. I share these stories through blog posts, direct mail appeals, emails and more. And then, this is what happens:

• Curious Christians realize they really could go be missionaries.

• Churches learn how to pray effectively for workers on the field.

• Friends back home realize they can change lives by giving financially.

• We all get to take part in God’s awesome work around the world!

I count myself blessed to have such an amazing job. And if you’re a missionary, I can’t wait to hear your story!


Senior Copywriter and Editor

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